Priority Issues

If we want progress then we need a Portland City Council that will take ownership of a problem and see it through, from funding to completion.


Housing Everyone

We must have an approach to housing that will afford everyone a dignified place to live. That means getting people into homes, keeping people in their homes, and building for the next generation.

Public Safety Through Public Investment

All Portlanders should be safe on our streets, in our parks, and on public transit. To do that we need investments in our public infrastructure and an investment in a comprehensive system of emergency response.


REAL Community Engagement and Inclusion

We must truly empower our communities to decide what it would require for them to thrive and be resilient to national and global threats. Our communities need massive investments to ensure healthy jobs, stable communities, and emergency preparedness.


In order to achieve my vision and address my key priorities, I have set several specific goals and actions that I plan to take

Working with our county and state partners to get more services into the community.

We can do better coordinating with Multnomah County on ensuring services are comprehensive and contribute to people navigating the systems of care in a quick and efficient way. Helping people stay on the path to stability is not only the best for them but it is the most cost-effective for the public.

Ensuring all City Committees and Appointments Reflect the Community

We must ensure our City government is representative of the community. Decisions need to be made by the communities that will be affected by those decisions. Portland has a long history of neglecting, marginalizing, and displacing too many families and communities, just because they lacked political influence.

Partnering with local businesses and community based organizations to create job opportunities in every part of the city.

For Portland to thrive we need economic opportunities in every neighborhood and business district. We must promote and protect our small family businesses. We can help bring more service and technology related jobs closer to where people live. We can work with the school systems to craft the workforce for the 21st century.

Getting out into the community and meeting people where they are at.

This new form of city government is meant to be more representative of the city and that means brining the voices of our East Portland communities to City Hall and fighting for them. I will show up and face constituents, not only when it is easy but when it is hard. I will face the tough questions and work to give meaningful answers instead of empty reassurances.

Get involved

Join me in creating a better community for all!

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