David Linn

David’s educational journey took him through the Portland Public School system, where he rode the #72 bus daily, before graduating from Madison High School (now McDaniel). David’s commitment to education continued as he pursued a degree in history and political science at Portland State University, an institution whose motto is “Let knowledge Serve the City.” In 2012, he pursued a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a specialty in Local Government, further equipping himself to serve the community.

David Linn’s roots in Portland run deep, having been born and raised in East Portland, literally in a little apartment off 82nd Avenue. Throughout his life, David has called several East Portland neighborhoods home, including Buckman, Montavilla, Hazelwood, Parkrose Heights, and Centennial. His early influences include his grandmother, Roberta “Beryl” Linn, a beloved figure who actively participated in community and social justice efforts.

David’s journey of community engagement began with advocating for a neighborhood volunteer library. Although that particular effort faced challenges, it ignited his passion for community service.

In 2005, he joined the Montavilla Neighborhood Association, where his involvement evolved over the years. From chairing committees to organizing events, David became dedicated to serving in the community. He closely followed the issue of housing in East Portland, advocating for more housing and shelters.

David’s leadership within the Montavilla Neighborhood Association grew, with roles ranging from Vice-Chair to Chair. He organized cultural festivals, candidate forums, and other community events, contributing significantly to the vibrancy of the neighborhood. His dedication extended to addressing pressing issues like housing and shelter.

Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, David obtained training in Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NET) from the Portland Bureau of Emergency Management. He joined the Centennial Neighborhood Emergency Team and actively participated in the Centennial Community Association (CCA). In 2022, he was elected President of the CCA, supporting neighborhood clean-ups and block parties.

In 2021, David ran for and was elected to the Centennial School Board. His tenure coincided with navigating the complexities of the post-COVID world. Through community generosity in passing a bond measure during the pandemic, the district was able to address deferred maintenance and fulfill longstanding promises. David’s commitment remains steadfast in supporting teachers, families, and the community to achieve positive change.

My Promise

I promise to use my deep roots in Portland, my education, and my years of community engagement to prioritize the safety and well-being of our city’s residents. With a focus on public safety, I am dedicated to creating a safer and more secure Portland for everyone. My journey from growing up in East Portland to obtaining a Master’s degree in Public Administration has equipped me with the knowledge and dedication necessary to tackle the challenges our community faces. I will work closely with fellow city counselors, community leaders, and residents to create effective and equitable policing practices that build trust and strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the community.

Additionally, I understand the urgency of addressing houselessness in our city. I have seen the impact of this issue on our neighborhoods and the lives of those experiencing houselessness. My promise is to work tirelessly to create comprehensive, compassionate, and evidence-based solutions that provide shelter, support, and opportunities for those in need. Together, we can build a Portland that is safer, more inclusive, and a place where everyone has access to the security and shelter they deserve. With your support, we can make this promise a reality for our great city

Housing Everyone

With our partners at the county and state level we are ready to make a real and visible difference in getting people into homes and off the streets.

Public Safety

Portlanders want safe neighborhoods, safe transit, and safe parks and schools. We can do that through strategic investments in our communities and public infrastructure.

Meaningful Community Engagement

The city is good at asking for information but not good at following through on it. We should support the thousands of Portlander’s that volunteer their time and effort to make this a world class city.